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Our sail loft offers the full complement of support to all sailors, from new sail design and construction right through to annual maintenance and repairs.

new sail construction

M&H Bartles, Sailmakers manufactures high-quality, custom-fit sails for both recreational and commercial sailboats. Through time-honored technique and research, our sails can meet the requirements of restoration and replica vessels dating from the 16th century to present. In addition, we build sails for contemporary boats, utilizing traditional methods to create a superior and longer-lasting product. Thanks to years of training, our sailmakers are uniquely suited to create historically accurate sails to exceed expectations.

Even without a sail plan, we can design a sail to fit your boat, by measuring existing sails or spars. Special attention will be paid to the exact arrangement of hardware on your boat to ensure your sails set perfectly.

Sail repair

Even with careful handling, all sails need mending eventually. Whether it’s a small hole or a major tear, our crew can survey your sail and explain your options for repair. From a simple patch to a larger panel replacement, we can get your sail back together in Bristol fashion. We also offer sail recuts to improve the set of your sail or to convert it to roller-furling.

winter maintenance & storage

Maintenance plays an important role in extending the longevity of your sails. Before we store them for the season, our crew thoroughly inspects every sail. In doing so, we can usually catch any repairs that may not be obvious, such as UV degradation from the sun, before they turn into a problem requiring significant work. We also offer cleaning services contracted through a professional sail washing company, priced by sail weight.